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Things to Consider When Purchasing a Tablet

Today, owning a good smart phone is not just enough for many people due to the improvements in technology. Most people prefer a tablet because it is just amazing. It allows you to perform multiple tasks with much ease. So if you have decided to take the plunge and go ahead and buy a tablet, you need to be aware of all that you possibly can about choosing the right one for yourself. Learn everything you need to know to pick the best tablet in this article.

Operating system

You need to know which is the best operating system to use. There are variety of OS providers like HP which provides WebOS, apple provides iOS, RIM provides QNX and finally Google which provides Android Honeycomb. However, the preferable one is Android because it provides far more options than the rest. A tablet running on Android OS allows you to access thousands and thousands of games and apps.


smartphone-310579_640Before buying a tablet, always check the processor speed. A good tablet should have a strong processor power so as to handle a multitude of programs smoothly. Single core 1 GHZ processors are the norm but most manufacturers are now adopting dual core processors slowly by slowly. On the other hand, you should also consider the RAM and the camera too; the best tablet should have at least a 3-mega pixel camera.


Internet connectivity is very important for a tablet. There are those tablets which are Wi-Fi only connected and others are 3G enabled + Wi-Fi connected. Thus, you need to be keen if you want the best tablet with easy internet connectivity. This is something which should not be taken lightly if you don’t want your tablet to just lay there at your house idle because it cannot connect with internet.

Lastly, Android tablets are a great option when it comes to the size and the price. They tend to be more budget friendly and they will likely not disappoint you.

Finding the Best Tablet Cover

Tablets have come a long way and continue to impress in a big way. Even though you could be a proud owner of a tablet, there comes a time when you feel that having a tablet cover is not an option. Just like buying the tablet itself, buying a tablet cover also requires a lot of thought and considerations. If you are looking forward to buying a tablet cover, these are some of the things to keep in mind.

Don’t go for a bulky cover

Buying a cover for your tablet doesn’t mean that you have to go the extra mile. While it is true that you want to protect your valued asset, buying a bulky, rubber-like cover is not one of the impressive things to do. As much as possible, get a slimmer, more subtle case that will not add an extra weight on the tablet. Besides protecting your gadget, slimmer covers also enhance the look of your tablet.

Does it suit your needs?

The variety of tablet covers is enormous and keeps growing. In this respect, you need to choose a cover that suits your personality and taste. You wouldn’t want to invest in a cover that you won’t feel comfortable walking around with. There are about three types of covers to choose from and these include skin covers, cases and sleeves/jackets.

Know your tablet’s dimensions

Things can get a little difficult if you want to get a cover for a device you do not know its dimensions. In most cases, most tablet covers are sold as ‘universal’. To get the best tablet cover, you must know the exact dimensions of your device – height, depth and width.


In order to suit different tastes, tablet covers come in a wide range of colors. As a thumb of rule, do not settle on a tablet color that is likely to send wrong impressions or signals. If you are a man for instance, then choosing a pink or purple cover may not be a wise decision.

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Tips for finding an affordable fish finder

Technology has made fishing more fun and less tedious. A fish finder is one piece of technology that will definitely enhance the angling experience. There are several fish finders in the market that come with several features. You need to know how to choose the fish finders that has features that essential to your angling experience. Here are some tips.

Before we get into the specifics, I wanted to add that if you are in the Texas area and would like a great place to try out your fish finder, I’d highly recommend Lake Fork.  But I’d recommend looking into hiring one of the Lake Fork fishing guides first and observe how they are using their fish finder on the lake and make notes for when you take your boat out next time.

1. Easy to operate. There are several fish finder models with different operation modules. There are those that are complex to operate while others have simple menus. Since you don’t want to have a system that you would need assistance every time you need to use, look for a model that has simple settings and intuitive menus.

2. Pay for what you use. There are tens of features that can be incorporated in a fish finder. Some of the features are essential while some are not. There are colored and monochrome screens. There are fish finders that incorporate GPS technology.(This feature is quite expensive)

Finders use sonar imaging technology where sound waves are sent through the water from a transducer. When the sound hits an object, it bounces to the fish finder, the distance and time is calculated and shown on the screen. There are those which use down scan technology (scans downwards) others side scan while others combine the two. Side scan is superior to down scan while a combination of the two provides better results. The cost between the three technologies differs.

lake fork guides3. Portability: There are big and small sized fish finders. Bigger fish finders need one to have a boat which is drilled for the equipment to be fixed. Portable fish finders use a suction cup to hold the fish finder in position. The choice to buy either of the models may be determined by availability of a boat or the cost of each.

4. Type of transducer used. If you live in areas where there is winter season, you will find that it is not that easy finding fish during winter. During winter, the fish would normally look for areas where water is the warmest. A traducer with a heat detector would the best fish finder to work within such environment.

5. Screen size. The bigger the screen, the better the images that would be displayed on the screen. This is because the coordinates are spread all over the screen. Any thing above seven inches to ten inches would give a clear reflection of underwater conditions.

I found a video that offers some good tips for reading your fish finder.


Tips for Finding the Best Wireless Router

Currently, it is typically necessary to get a router in almost any home or office. This is because the cables sometimes are ineffective and they’re more fixed than routers. A router is a tool that connects with a modem in order that multiple devices can connect to the internet at the same time.

However, many people make a bad purchase decision when looking for the best wireless router. Here are some of the features and suggestions to consider before getting one.

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The range

This is the distance (feet) that this signal through the router can travel. As it is usually tested in the lab, it will likely be dramatically reduced than the thing that was expected. The product range can also be suffering from things like its place of location and other devices used. In perfect condition, the stove is prone to attend its maximum.

Your data security

lock-64x64Since the signal from your router might be felt from all directions, it is shrewd to purchase a router that may guarantee you security insurance agencies every one of the protocols implemented. Security protocols like WEP, WPA2 and WPA need a password and thus they assure data security. You can read more about wireless protocols here.

Number of wired ports

Besides wireless connections, wired ports are important for virtually any fixed computer while they permit increased speed and they also tend to be more reliable. A router which has a LAN (lan) ensures the physical eating habits study the router along with the computer.

Antenna design

When considering the antenna design, it may be either an enclosed or perhaps external one. An enclosed antenna makes the router appear smarter plus much more stylish than another one. However, the external antennae will have a wider range and much better signals compared to the internal one.


To be aware of MIMO (Multiple input multiple output) much better. Imagine how effective a highway with four lanes is at comparison with this of just two. The MIMO router enables you to progress speeds along with it sending and receiving more signals at once.

Receive the right size and design

Depending on the space allocated with your room, select one that will fulfill your needs. Also check out the number of users in addition to their physical distance from the other person to assistance with choosing the best router.

Get first hand specifics of an invisible router.

Poorly researched reviews can often lead anyone to buy a wrong model. To get the best, personally information will do you good because it is often based on facts. Negative comments about other brands on either their speed or transmission can lead to an improper conclusion.

Avoid high-speed routers

Professionals state that the prime-speed routers often don’t average the pace which they promise. There might be high connectivity speed, but a minimal internet connection. One may get disappointed after spending much only to understand that his or her desires just weren’t met.

Putting these steps in your mind can help you get the best routers for your home or business. However, since this is personal, your unbiased decision provides the top to you.